About Us

Note about the founder

Alan Owings is a Real Estate professional with 25+ years developing projects across the US, leading diverse creative and technical teams across myriad disciplines, delivering award winning mixed-use and infrastructure projects valued at $750MM+. As a licensed Architect in the state of California he was fortunate to work for Lundberg Design and Plant Construction for 11 years prior to joining Brookfield in 2009.

LAYR was created in 2022, when the founder decided to apply his professional experiences into a vertically integrated development firm based in western North Carolina that delivers turn-key solutions for capital partners and clients. Our aspiration is to help you realize your goals.

LAYR’s approach to the work is to fully understand clients’ objectives and respond with creative problem solving -- beautifully executed on time, on budget.

We approach each project with a systematic process that prioritizes efficacy & efficiency. In every step we seek to reduce the time and expense it takes to create long-term solutions that will perform & sustain over time.

Our Focus

Our vertically integrated approach allows us to collaborate with seasoned professionals, all focused on increasing quality and decreasing the duration of a project. Layr is dedicated to creating and fulfilling ‘Value Add Development” as we work in-tandem with teams of trusted local partners: capital partners, brokers, clients, architects, engineers, municipalities, and key financial institutions to enhance the communities in which they serve.